Welcome to Zara’s beauty room. Your environment impacts on your physical and emotional well being. You need to feel comfortable and relaxed whether your visit is for an eye brow wax or an indulgent massage and facial. The beauty rooms shabby chic decor is designed to help you unwind, refresh and de-stress.

Relax on the comfortable hydraulic massage couch. Sink into the sofa wrapped in a warm fluffy blanket. Change behind the ornate dressing screen and choose your nail varnish from the unique stand. So many therapy rooms are clinical and uninviting but Zara’s beauty room is a home from home.


Every last detail is considered with you in mind, choose from classical, chill out, piano instrumental and many more music collections to compliment your personalised treatment. A variety of teas, coffees and herbal teas are available for you to enjoy throughout your manicure/pedicure or after your therapy.